Here’s a listing of terminology and words that you may come across on the web page and not know their meanings, these are terms that I often get asked about and or come across in my art practice.  

Screen printing –

A type of printing using a screen made of silk and or a synthetic mesh. A stencil is cut and applied to the screen and ink is applied using a squeege to pull ink through the screen and the ink is only transferred via the stencil design onto a paper and or material support. 

Multiple screen print –

When more than one stencil is used to create a screen print it is a multiple print. This is often the case when I use more than one colour in a printed work. 

Mixed media –  

When more than one art material is used in an artwork for example, pen and pastel and or more than one art medium is used for example screen print and drawing. 

Khadi paper –

Handmade cotton paper made for artists 

Stencil –

Design is cut out of acetate or plastic using craft knives, the stencil is applied to the screen for printing.